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No matter leaving from a stressful office, or after a busy day struggling with kids and housework, nowadays problems and stress, fatigue and tension are making up the routine of our lives and driving our body system out of balance.   Yoga Bay studio enjoys a view of calmful hills and trees with courses bringing you back to a peaceful mind.  

It is your perfect place to relax and broaden your horizons.  


Our team of qualified instructors will guide you through a journey of your body and soul would be endlessly grateful for -

a wonderful experience that you’ve long been missing.  Our classes are for everyone, from beginners to experienced, from kids to seniors, from static balanced yoga sessions to dynamic cardio boxing classes. 


Yoga Bay embraces both traditions and technology, also different religions and values you are deeply rooted in.  

Let’s relax and experience the magical journey with Yoga Bay instructors in our peaceful, relaxing studio.  




Amani has been a dancing and sports lover since a teenager.  She has been focusing on Yoga and Krav Maga for the previous 10 years.  Amani taught variously, including in Epic MMA Club, HKU ECA Program, DC ECA Program, DB Self Defence, HK Self Defence, and Triquest MMA & Fitness Academy.  Qualification Amani acquired including Yoga Alliance RYT200 Instructor, Creative Yogis Kids Yoga Instructor, YB Yoga Trapeze Instructor, IPDFA Polefit Instructor, and Krav Maga Instructor.  


Master Dilip comes from a family of yogic culture, Ayurveda & martial arts in Kerala, India.  His life of yoga can be traced back to his childhood which helped him to stay focussed.  An accident left him with fractured wrist and knees helped him to deepen his understanding of the healing power of yoga, which eventually led him onto his sacred path of mind and body healing.  Master Dilip holds a Master of Science degree in yoga therapy.  He’s also a certified massage therapist and Pranic healer, with 12 years of teaching experience in Hong Kong and abroad. 


An optimistic, goal-oriented yoga practitioner with teaching experience in India and other Asian countries.  Manish is a person who always likes to stimulate his inner potential capacities. He is always fully involved in his activities and helps his students attain higher levels of perfection through inspiration and stimulation in his special ways of teaching. Manish is mastering various kinds of yoga practice and he is very happy to share his knowledge with Yoga Bay students.


Chloe started practicing yoga in 2003 to keep her body in shape as well as improving her flexibility.   Practicing yoga aroused her curiosity and commitment to the world of yoga.  She appreciates more of the experience when she dives in the yoga world deeper.  The first thing she will do is to look for a yoga studio nearby when traveling abroad.  Her habit never stops - no matter in Seoul, London, Paris, Los Angeles…. Yoga changed not only her posture but also her lifestyle.  


Anna began practicing yoga for better dancing skills in high school.  She found that yoga not only helped her physical performance but also supported her in unifying, controlling, and balancing everything in her life.  Anna loves to share with her students how to assimilate asana into their everyday living in her lessons.  She is also enthusiastic about teaching adults and kids aerial yoga, which is a trendy and artistic way of practicing yoga. 


Sooky is a registered ERYT200 instructor with over 10 years of experience in teaching yoga.  She completed 200 hours of Yoga Alliance teacher training in Shanghai in 2009.  Her experience of teaching yoga across China, India, the UK, Thailand, and UAE.   During the 2 years of living in Dubai, she completed the Prenatal Vinyasa teacher training course and developed skill sets to focus on Ashtanga yoga, and completed another 200 hours of intensive training.  She returns to India every year to continue her personal journey of development yoga practice. 


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